SAPC Faculty Trek Panguil River Eco-Park

SAPC Faculty Trek Panguil River Eco-Park

SAPC Faculty Trek Panguil River Eco-Park. Photo from Ms. Charity Joy Gabat.

Panguil, Laguna — The San Antonio de Padua College Faculty went to Panguil River Eco-Park on Saturday, July 9. The purpose of the trip was to scout ahead and inspect the area for a students’ outing being planned.

From the Panguil Dam parking area, the route to Ambon-Ambon Falls consists of a hike, a raft ride, and then a river-crossing. The 30-minute trek to the waterfall being quite exhausting, the eager-faced staff and their smiles were quite ready to give up.

However, the physically-challenging journey evidently became well-worth it when those present jumped in excitement as soon as the destination was in sight. The natural beauty of the area instantly drew all to relax and take a dip in the cool waters.

With the objective met, it is hoped that during the upcoming excursion, Paduan students will experience the same enriching little adventure as their mentors did.

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8 Responses to SAPC Faculty Trek Panguil River Eco-Park

  1. yves says:

    nice… =)

  2. It was indeed another site for the upcoming Leadership Training and Team Building for students. In such a way, we will expose them to the beauty of nature and make them feel that such a trip can be better than hanging around malls.

  3. john rolanddejesus says:

    ang gnda ng school


    Sana magkaroon din ng activity pupunta dyan hiking ang maganda sa place na yan.

  5. comment

    Good work teachers!your my Idols.
    Good work teachers!your my Idols.

  6. Alicia P. Male says:

    Ma’am just wanna greet you a very happy birthday. May this be another fruitful year for you and your family.

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