SAPC-BSP passed CLTC 2011

By Karl Issah M. Lobusta

Selected senior scouts of SAPC successfully achieved Explorer Level through Crew Leaders Training Course (CLTC) 2011 on August 13 – 14 in Annibong, Pagsanjan, Laguna.

During the first day of training a heavy rain aggravate the challenges faced by the scouts. Each was given a ‘crew’ to strengthen their ability to relate with each other. They faced this challenge for one whole day and it has oriented them on how a scout survives in a place far from the city.

When night approached, the sacred ceremony of Camp Fire was held where each showcased his unique talents and abilities. After that, their ability to fulfill the duties of an Explorer, the level next to senior scout was tested through a “Pre-Final Board Review.”

The following day, the second and last, the board acknowledged those who successfully demonstrated their readiness to be Explorers. All of the senior scouts from SAPC successfully made it!

Moreover, a Jamborette will be held on October 25 to further the abilities of the scouts, strengthen more their unity, and clarify more their values through more challenges.

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