Excellent Pupils Awarded

SAPC Elementary Department recognized the honors and achievers per grade level for the First Grading Period last September 13, 2011.

After the flag ceremony, the Elementary Department, headed by Ms. Amorfina B. Suyosa, conducted a short program to announce and acknowledge the pupils who excelled during the First Grading period. They were given honor cards as rewards for their perseverance and hard work.

The list of honors and achievers per grade level is as follows:

Grade 1

Rank Name
1 Domingo, Adrian S.
2 David, Leighton John H.
3 Billones, Jodi Mairine H.
4 Matienzo, Karyle Allyson C.
5 Carillo, Frances Krisane M.

Grade 2

Rank Name
1 Baradas, Rianna Kyla R.
2 Movida, Alfonso Martin III P.
3 Dueñas, Joshua Raphael
4 Cambe, Reemo Jan Viktor A.
5 Billones, Jowi Janrodge H.

Grade 3

Rank Name
1 Carillo, Sarina Blesse Q.
2 Tacuban, Jemima L.
3.5 Salazar, Lien Elizabeth
3.5 Bautista, John Phillip P.
5 Mole, B – Jay R.
6 Brosas, Loyd Warren C.
7 Corcuera, Pauline L.
8 Dueñas, Joseph Ferdinand
9 Baseo, Fidel Junior N

Grade 4

Rank Name
1 Brosas, Lara Wynne C.
2 Mejorada, Zyrene Anne A.
3 Rebong, Kent Bryan B.
4 Cartalla, Huey B.
5 Perlez, Leo Lanz Lester O.

Grade 5

Rank Name
1 Carillo, Amielyn S.
2 Vergara, Janna Yzel C.
3 Rebong, Franz Harvy SJ
4 Cirera, Ma. Erika Rose H.
5 Miralles, Joakeen Marcius M.
6 Paraoan, Brylle Richard D.

Grade 6

Rank Name
1 Salvador, Mizpah L.
2 Matienzo, Allana Corrine C.
3 De Jesus, John Roland C.
4 Samarista, Ludwig Harriet G.
5 Caunin, Ahlyssa Kayle M.
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  1. Joy says:

    I am so proud of you cousin Lara… Way to go!

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