Ten Alternatives to Excessive Computer Use

A survey conducted by the Young Journalists’ Club on September 6 shows that 60% of Paduans use computers for social networking and online gaming purposes almost every day. This is very alarming since most teachers have been making comments about the poor performances of students.

The result of the survey calls for action and to help our students, we researched for possible ways to avoid excessive computer use. Decrease in computer use frequency is believed to better the academic performances of Paduans.

We found an article at www.video-game-addiction.org on September 8. The article lists ten alternatives to video games, computer games. The ten it suggests are as follows:

The first alternative is family outing/bonding. Guidance counselors believe that one of the reasons why youth, particularly students are getting hooked into computer games addiction is the lack of family bonding. Students find their home in what they play. They find self-expressions in killing their opponents in the games.

Second alternative is board games. Board games, scrabble and chess for instance, help enhance the student’s intellect. Scrabble helps build one’s vocabulary while chess improves decision making and logical thinking.

Joining clubs or sports teams comes third in the list. Spending more time with clubs helps one discover and enhance his potentials. Joining sports team, on the other hand, makes one healthier which computer games do not actually give. When one stays sitting for a long time staring at the computer monitor, he gets stressed.

Fourth in the line is enrolling in a dance, art, or music lessons. The three are effective mediums of expressing oneself. Instead, of expressing how one feels by killing or fighting, why not do it by dancing, painting, or singing?

Fifth is taking care of a pet. It helps develop in a person a sense of concern for others and serves as training for adult relationships.

Reading books in the library is next. This sharpens the mind and makes it more active. It is a proven fact that children who spend too much time in front of the computer become less active. Call these people once and they won’t respond. Call them twice and get high blood pressure.

Volunteering to help in the community is eighth and calls for a higher level of commitment. If one can commit three hours or more playing why not spend it with the less fortunate? Surely you’ll enjoy while helping others enjoy!

Ninth is one of the most neglected, participating in a church youth group. The present generation is believed to be less religious than the previous ones. However, when choose to be more can really be of great encouragement to others. Being active in church activities does not only guarantee freedom from computer games addiction but other vices as well.

Lastly, trying adventurous outdoor activities, such as rock-climbing, whitewater rafting, fly fishing or mountain biking can really be more exciting than just sitting for a long period of time. These activities help us appreciate nature and all the things it offers. We also gain optimism through them.

The ten can really be very much helpful unless snubbed. They are just suggestions and results are based on personal determination to be free from the bondage of excessive computer use.

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