9 Responses to SAPC Unveils New Logo

  1. Emman says:

    Kailan po magbabago ang logo???
    Ano po meaning ng logo???

  2. haryniel says:

    ahm suggest lang po… dapat ndi pdn mawala yung unang logo like nung last logo nandun padn ung unang logo…

  3. Alex Palomaria says:

    I suggest to remove house inside the logo, Para kasing logo ng kindergarten o nursery school.

  4. Lloyd says:

    i suggest na wag baguhin ang logo… kilala na kasi…

  5. Ramil Baldemor says:

    in my opinion, there’s nothing wrong in changing the school’s logo as long as it will enhance the school’s name and reputation, but i suggest not to completely change the logo itself but to enhance the old logo.what i’m trying to point out here is that the meanings of the old logo must not take aside with that new logo. dapat isinama pa din yung dating design like the heart-shape design with a cross inside that looks to me as being blessed with St Anthony. The new design looks to me a design only for intrams not as logo.

  6. toni says:

    the original logo is more meaningful than the new one,,so better stick with it, and try to enhance instead of completely changing it

  7. Miguel Sumaya says:

    In my opinion, the three core values should had been preserved. I believe that it’s what makes us known as Paduans.

  8. Uncle Jim says:

    I like the one with the old logo in it but I agree with palomaria to change the drawing of a house inside. maybe three diamond or 3 triangular space to enclose those icons. what are those icons inside the old logo that looks like a sun and a water lily. The other one looks like a cover for a Padua program.

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