SAPC School Bus Gets a new look

By: Aldous Castro

San Antonio De Padua College (SAPC) recently refurbished and beautified its school bus; it started just this July at Brgy. San Antonio, Pila, Laguna under the meticulous works of Mr. Alejandro Carmona. Finally, after 13 years of the aging bus, the school bus now boasts its new colors from white and gray to the institutions official colors, yellow and brown with SAPC’s name on its left and right side. All were new even the seats were newly upholstered of and now in great condition. The school bus is the official School Service and Paduans can surely benefit from it

bus1 bus2

It is used to transport SAPC Raiders Volleyball team to different volleyball practices or competitions and the Young Paduan Journalists for every press conference and news coverage in and out of the vicinity.

Many are flattered to know that the School bus is now in a great running condition. Now, Paduans

“I was astonished when I saw the new look of Tarajing (referring to the school bus)”, Fatima Reyes said, one of the volleyball players.

The school is is also planning to install a new air-conditioning system to fight the dazzling heat. Also, Tarajing is now in a great shape and is expected to be used next month.

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