Tarajing’s ready to hit the road with its new look

By: Kate Ciara Salabsabin

Newly- improved and make over school bus of San Antonio de Padua College ‘Tarajing’ comes your way and ready to hit the road with its new look


Alejandro Carmona, an alumnus of SAPC, is the designer of the school bus. He repainted it with the school colors with the name on the side of it. The upholstery of the seat was made by a father of a Grade 7 student of SAPC.

Enjoyable, comfortable, and safe trip can be experienced with the newly improved school service of SAPC with its engine that is in good condition. At last after 13 years of service Tarajing got a makeover.

The transformation of Tarajing was done at Brgy. San Antonio Pila, Laguna in Mr.Carmona’s place. The cost of the transformation of Tarajing is still unknown. But let’s enjoy the ride Paduans!

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