Learner’s and Parents’ Support

Student Welfare Services Department

You Matter!       

   It is important to us that parents and learners stay informed, engaged and updated about school information, activities and services. This page provides important updates for learners and parents as well. 

  The Student Welfare Services envisions as being the leading unit of the College in the holistic development of individual student, inspiring the youth to see their inner potentials and adopt optimistic attitude in life.

  As a resource of the College, it endeavors to assist the individual to develop self-esteem in an environment that favors confidence and uniqueness upholding the College’s passion for excellence, stewardship, accountability and discipline. 

  To achieve its vision, the Student Welfare Services commits itself in the holistic development of the individual through its GABAI Program.


Services and Objectives

GGuides students in coping with their academic, emotional and social adjustments through guidance and counseling; guides students in developing a sense of individuality, positivity and self-esteem; addressing the varied needs of different types of learners by embedding the homeroom program in the academic life of the students. 

AAssists the students and parents coming from different home background in their needs in adjusting to the challenges of the changing environment by facilitating a learner and parent support program; 

BBuilds a strong and active partnership with parents, alumni association of SAPC and the community to assist in providing information and experiences for the students to cope with the demands of work and the fast changing world through a developmental career guidance program and community extension services.   Builds a sense of leadership, a healthy social-emotional well-being and a strong team  building skills among students through a well-rounded student activity program. 

AAssesses students’ intelligence and personality through the use of testing and evaluation in order to make a valid and reliable interpretation of their academic functioning, attitude and behavior, and to assist them in choosing the job / career best suited to their aptitude and interests.   Assesses the school’s programs, activities and services in order to evaluate its effectiveness as well as to improve its implementation. 

I-Informs the students and parents for them to be aware and well-informed regarding the issues and events happening inside and outside the campus. 

Services Offered:

  • The Information / Orientation Service
  • The Individual Inventory Service
  • The Admission and Testing Service
  • Counseling and Follow-Up
  • The Evaluation and Research Service
  • Peer Counseling
  • Homeroom Guidance
  • Career Jobs Fair
  • Student Activity Program
  • Community Extension Services


Online Counseling for Students

          The School Counselors are available for online counseling. Please make an appointment with them via email thru: gabai@sapc.edu.ph. Kindly indicate the name of the student, grade level, contact number and a brief description of your concern. Thank you.